Ebike Selector features :

Easy selector & Advanced selector
  • after basic questions are replied, program will recommend optimal ebike for you.

  • Component recommendation is based on unique transparent component rating system - In Advanced Selector is possible to access component rating charts, so results are not based on magic! :)

  • unique guide that let`s you very quickly orient in ebike problematic

  • Interactive image of ebike - shows how ebike will looks like and allow quick access to various info about components

  • Ebike physics simulator that provides you useful info about speed,consumption,Battery capacity, and other settings, in accessible way. Program supports various ebike drive systems - hubs (Direct drive, geared), middle motor or 2 wheel drive.

  • Program recognize possible component Conflicts and dangers.

  • Ebike law restrictions and limitations can be taken into account, currently 6 countries are supported.

  • Whole Ebike configuration can be shared - on facebook or anywhere on net, through generated link

  • Center of gravity calculation and visualization - important for proper balance of your ebike!

  • Program will show proximate price of components and ebike

    Advanced selector only

  • Advanced Ebike configurator and calculator
  • you can create your custom ebike from various components, this setup can be used for simulation of ebike physics.

  • and more to come..

news and upcoming info

29 March 2017 - Beta v1.9

  • More ebike setups as result can be displayed - This is important improvement. Ebikeseletor now displays ebike setups not only made from "best rated" components, but it will also display lower rated (but still good or usable) components.

    Currently three setups are available, first setup is usually most relevant. Setups can be changed by clicking on "rotate" button. After onmouse action on this button you can see graph that shows ratio of best/good/usable/blocked components.

  • Detailed information about component rating - onmouse action on rating icons ( ) reveals tooltip with detailed information about component rating in Question selection. This info is different in Final/preview mode. In Preview mode you can see basic component rating chart (how components are rated in relation to selected question). In Final mode you can see a list of winner rating components from all selected questions. This information should give you detailed information how components are rated and allows you to understand how Ebikeselector rating system works.

  • Conflicts in easy selector improved - conflicts now appears in small popup boxes. This will make conflict solving easier, no need to skip to "conflict page" and then back to the question.

  • change way how to work with PHYSICS SETTINGS in easy selector - Physic setting can be now accessible from any page in Easy Selector so it allows you to quick access to physic settings.

  • Easy selector - add presets and LOAD function - In previous version this function was available in Advanced selector only.
  • Rename and adjusting of Preview / complete switch button - In advanced selector, button was moved to the right menu. This was more logical, because switch is not connected to "questions", but it can be also used generally for switch on ebike physics. Preview / complete was changed to Preview / Final - shorter name was needed to better fit redesigned button.

  • Easy selector GUI redesigned and improved Improved intro help popups, this steps should let users to better orient in easy selector. Added "bulb " icon that informs about physics state. (in previous version this icon was only in Advanced selector)

  • Advanced Selector - Question Selection hidden by default Some users was confused from dual functionality of Advanced Selector, where is possible to use Question selection and component configurator together. I hope that without question selection it should be little bit easier to orient at start of using program. Question selection can still be used, after unfolding menu.

  • Amazon product link removed - i had to focus on bug fixes and polishing of important features, so i have to temporary removed this feature. Maybe it will be added back in future updates..
Main bug fixes:

  • Fixed throttle middle drive - decreasing Throttle didn`t work properly when middle drive motor was selected. fixed now.

  • Share results fixed - Sharing ebikeselector results by using of generated link should be fully functional now. Use Share result function (Advanced selector main GUI or at bottom of summarize page)

4 April 2016 - Beta v1.7

  • Added 2 wheel drive (also called 2WD ) motor simulation - 2WD can be selected in "Motor position" component in Advanced Selector. Currently two identical motors are supported, but this may be improved in future versions.

  • New conflict type "tool". This conflict type ( marked with "tool" icon) appears if some components is not possible to put together because of some technical aspect (size, compatibility). For example some wheelsize does`t fit into some frame types, or if user pick rear battery but doesn`t have any rack selected..

  • Center of gravity conflicts - In the previous version this conflicts type appeared when some combination components was detected, for example Lead Acid Battery and rear hub. Now it works with results of CG calculations, so it really takes into account weight and position of components.

  • New Physics status icon. This Small icon with "bulb" informs if ebike physic is ready or not. list of components needed for activating ebike physics appears after "onmouse" action on icon. Icon will change color to green, when physics is ready.

  • Country restriction improvements - Speed Restrictions - if country restriction include speed limit, speed is restricted directly into physic calculations (in previous versions there was only information provided by ,conflicts, window). This restriction is marked with "shield icon" placed on speedometer.

  • Country restriction - added new countries - Australia, China, Canada.

  • Component selection- After selecting component in Interactive Image, equivalent component is selected in component list.

Bug fixes:

  • Lot of bugs fixed, so many that i`ll not list them all. This time i have put more attention into testing the app, so i hope that you shouldn`t expect some fatal bugs.. Of course it`s still beta, so some minor bugs present (i have about 60 bugs in my buglist).

  • Pivot calculation - found bug in center of gravity calculation, now it`s fixed and CG should be accurate. Center of gravity info was updated. (appears after clicking on CG icon)

  • Physics setting values - there was miscellaneous bugs when physic setting values or custom values was set, some numbers were sometimes changed by program, also saving didn`t worked properly..

22 February 2016 - Beta v1.6

  • Question selection changed radically - Question selection "priorities" were replaced with "rating" system. Currently Three types of rating are assigned: Best rating ,Good ratting ,Blocked component. Program should now excludes components that are marked as "blocked" for some questions. (It works for most of question combinations ). System is now more logical (i hope) and results should be more accurate.

  • Simplified, more clear GUI - Final button was removed, program is now using only two operating modes: PREVIEW mode and COMPLETE mode, other misc GUI fixes. I hope program is now more user-friendly.

  • Quick tooltips - Quick tooltips should inform you what to do next, or it can show miscellaneous warnings.

  • New component added - seat suspension - This part should be cheap "full suspension" alternative.

  • Final statistics - Final statistic should give overview about rating system and conflicts.

  • Skip from Easy Selector to Advanced Selector and vice versa Added possibility to quickly switch between Easy and Advanced selector. Also removed save load after switch from Easy to Advanced.

  • Easy Selector - quick navigation toolbar Now it`s possible to quickly switch between pages..

  • Product link - Amazon product link - this feature is under construction, currently is available only in Advanced Selector..

Bug fixes:
  • many bugs was fixed ughhhh....

19.8.2015 - Beta v1.5b

  • Grammar correction - Many thanks to my friend Standa, who did language and grammar review of most important texts (mainly in ebike Advisor). There may be still errors in rest of texts, so sorry for my poor English.. Maybe you may have already noticed that I'm not a native English speaker ( i`am from Czech Republic, small country in central Europe)

Bug fixes:
  • Internet Explorer compatibility - Ebike Selector is now compatible with IE 9 (or newer versions). Program should be fully functional, there are only small issues (like font colors) which will be fixed in next versions.. Unfortunately IE8 and older versions will not be supported.

  • Facebook login initialization - In previous versions, Facebook login window appeared immediately after application start, which could be confusing for most of users.. Now FB login window starts after clicking on "Share results button".

  • Posting results on Facebook works again! - Posting function didn`t worked from April, when Facebook changed policy for developers. After small fix FB posting should work again now!.

  • Mobile GUI fixes - GUI should now work better on mobile devices (there was problem with scrolling or adjusting size of GUI). Tested on Android devices.

30.6.2015 - Beta v1.5

  • Custom values - Now it`s possible set custom values like AmperHours, Controller Amps, Voltage in Advanced selector.

  • Middle drive settings - Now is possible to setup gearing settings and pedaling cadence of rider. ( In Advanced selector it can be found under gear icon on "motor" component. In Easy selector middle drive settings window appears automatically)

  • Visualization of "ideal pivot" position - Optimal pivot area is represented by Green circle. It appears after onmouse action on pivot icon. This function should make ideal pivot position more clear.

  • Added possibility to write Notes in "Set Importance" menu - Notes should help user to better organize importance of questions, and can be also useful when sharing project with others.

  • Rack added to interactive imageNow both types of racks are visualized.

  • Motor calculation improvements - Calculation of result was improved, thanks to various improvements in code (like adding linear interpolation for motor input values).

  • New confirmation windows Added confirmation windows for actions like save/load, unlock all, clear all questions. This should prevent unwanted actions.

  • Custom motors hidden by default Because program starts to be complex , i have decided to focus on main program scope, which is interactive Ebike guide. Testing individual motors is time consuming, and ebike simulation functions was meant only as complementary (and initially wasn`t planned). For those who really want experiment with custom motors, this function can be enabled in Preferences.

  • Motor graph (experimental) Graph was completely rewritten. I have created this functionality for development purposes, but you can enable motor graph as "experimental function" in preferences. Graph have to be polished, there can be some visual bugs, i will also need to solve placing graph into GUI. (Notice, Graph will appear only when bike is Finalized)
Bug fixes:
  • Calculating Peddaling power fixed - There was a bug in peddaling power formula calculation in previous version.

  • fixed Middle drive - Middle drive functionality wasn`t correct in previous versions (thanks users for feedback, i`m constantly learning new things). I have added a simple middle motor functionality, where pedal cadence is taken into account.. Program now automaticaly switch gears until motor RPM fits pedal cadence.
  • Bad GUI behavior under some browsers - Working with GUI , for example Locking-unlocking components didn`t work well under some browsers like Mozilla because of various bugs.

  • Country restrictions - Country restrictions alert wasn`t displayed in Conflict window it should be ok now.

    11.10.2014 - Beta v1.3 hotfix

    Bug fixes:
    • Presets and loading were not functional thanks to small but fatal bug. It should be ok now.
    • Easy selector - when clicked on questions higher than question 9 and then went back to previous questions, program didn`t display what was already clicked correctly.fixed.
    • Improvements:
    • More preview values in preset list - added Consumption and Battery capacity.

    15.9.2014 - Beta v1.3 updates


    • Content update - Updated and reviewed Advisor, also updated 'pros & cons' tips for most of components. Added more detailed explanation of pros & cons.

    • Added price of ebike and components - Because program should works as "Buyers guide", price database of all ebike components was added, so program can calculate rough approximate price of ebike. (price of individual components can be seen in Advanced Selector only, adding this feature into Easy selector is planned)

    • Question priorities - Program now don`t allow user to skip to next question until a priority is set properly. Priorities are essential for program functionality, from priorities can program recognize which component is most relevant for a question.

    • Facebook support - Besides of standard "like" function program now have a possibility to share Ebikeselector results as graphical add, which contains 'dashboard' icons with result values (Speed,Distance,Capacity,Power and Consumption).

    • Facebook - Possibility to share Ebikeselector results as link on Facebook wall. Program generates short link, which allows sharing all ebikeselector settings with other users. I hope that this feature will greatly improve program possibilities. Currently only Advanced selector is supported for sharing results.
    • GUI improvements:

      Screen centering - screen is now properly centered, which should allow to display app on a smaller screens (tablets, mobile phones)

    • Removed motor graph visualisation Because program starts to be really complex , i have decided to remove this feature, because it has lot of bugs. Maybe i`ll add motor graph in some future version..

    27.5.2014 - Beta v1.2 updates

  • Improvements:

    • GUI improvements:
      • Improvements of question-based selection. Check boxes changed to javascript buttons. Thanks to this, app should be more tablet-friendly. Added Selection cursor which shows component which was affected by question. Cursor also activate "Priority menu".

        Other misc visual improvements.

        general GUI speed improvement: GUI is now faster and program should run without problems on older PC and Laptops.

    • Question based selecting almost completely rewritten. Instead of old component rating system, which wasn`t always accurate, program now use Priorities. To get more accurate results, each question can obtain "priority number" which tells programs how important is given component to related question (Only component with highest priority will be allways winner component). Priority are now assigned automatically by ascending order, but they can be also assigned manually.

    • Amps calculating algorithm rewritten This allows to add more controller types. Now there is possible to choose from 15,20,35,40 amperes.

    • New motor types added Program now includes 20 motors, and expect more to come.

    • E bike physics calculations improvements - Results are more accurate I`m constantly improving calculation algorithms.

    • Text presets in custom values In addition to 3 basic icon presets in "custom values" menu, now it`s possible to choose more presets from roll-up menus. New presets can be easily added..

    • Gearing slider moved from "motor" to "Hub position"It seems to be more logical, because only Middle systems are using gearing)

    Bug fixes:
    • fixed lot of bugs.. About 90bugs have been already fixed, but there are still about 100 bugs waiting in my bug list (but mostly small bugs)

    Features/changes planned to add in near future:

    • proper battery discharge rate for different battery types (currently all batteries have default discharge rate).

    • Adding new motor types

    • Revise content and component info Because i had lot of work on program itself, content is a little bit obsolete.

    • Balance component rating I hope i`ll get some feedback from e-bike community, i`m open for suggestions about component rating. Also i can revise questions, or maybe add new ones.. Do not hesitate to contact to me with Your suggestions!

    • Optimizing GUI for smaller displays (tablets or maybe mobile phones)

    • Maybe possibility to choose from more than 2 questions If it will be necessary i can add this feature,i`ll wait for feedback..

    9.2.2014 - Beta v1.1 updates


      • GUI improvements - I have decided to deactivate onmouse preview. These feature seems to be great in early version of program, but at present it seems to be unnecessary.. Disabling onmouse also caused speed improvement. Selection of components that's are connected to questions works a little bit differently now.

      • Real HUB motor brands added - Now it`s possible to choose from 7 different types of hub motors...

      • New feature - Priorities - Now is possible to assign "priority point" to the question (doubleclick on question). Priority causes that components which belongs to question will be always the winner component, no matter how many preference points component have. This may solve some problematic situations.

      • New conflict alert type added. It appears when wattage is too high, which can cause motor damage.

      • Removed Zocco (Aseako) hub. Zocco central drive system replaced for Cyclone..Values used from Zocco hub performance curve was not accurate, more info here: http://www.value-e-bikes.com.au/E-Bike-Misleading-Claims.htm

      • Added Efficiency curve to Motor characteristic table (green color). performance table moved on top, it can be visualized by clicking on "HUB/Show component info"

      • Distance calculation improved. Different peukert constant for each battery is now calculated..

      • Component selection quick guide . You can see it here

      Bug fixes:

      • browser compatibility program is now fully compatible with 3 most used browsers - Chrome,Firefox and Opera. Unfortunately IE incompatibility still present

      • Speed calculation wasn`t accurate in previous version. I have found and fixed a small, but fatal bug in calculation algorithm. Speed results Results should be accurate now,with some small exceptions.

      • "Error calculation" messages almost eliminated

      • Component chart visualization now displays correctly

      • Custom Values - reset to default value is now can be done by clicking on same icon

      • Custom Values - fluent movement of sliders

      • Motor characteristic table - fixed bad visualization of NM curve

      • Fixed rider input watts calculation

      November 2013 Version 1.0 Beta released

      A first experimental beta version of Ebike Selector was released. Program is functional, but needs to be polished and there are lot of bugs (i`m instantly fixing them, but program started to be complex and i`m constantly learning programming skills).

      If you find any bug or if you have any suggestion or comment to this site, please email me to admin@ebikeselector.com

      Ebikeselector blog. (c) 1013 Milan Šaffek. All rights reserved